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BEST Course

BEST Course is an event attended by about 25 students from leading technical universities across Europe. Participants have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and work in an international and diverse environment.

This Year’s Topic - Let's fight your Cyber inSecurity: Digital forensics and cybersecurity in IoT

Digital forensics involves the systematic investigation of digital devices, networks, and systems to gather, analyze, and preserve electronic evidence. Understanding the nuances of digital forensics and cybersecurity within the Internet of Things is crucial as our reliance on interconnected devices continues to grow.

Our Goal

Join us to unravel the complexities of IoT security, master forensic techniques, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving cyber threats. Elevate your skills, become a cybersecurity champion in the IoT era.

The City of one Hundred Bridges

Wroclaw is one of Poland's biggest cities with one of the best universities in the country. It is located in the South-West part of the country close to Germany and Czech borders. There is Odra - the second-biggest polish river crossing the town and that is also why Wroclaw is known for its countless bridges (there are more bridges than in Amsterdam!). And most importantly, almost a quarter of Wroclaw citizens are students! This means that Wroclaw provides everything we students need to live, learn and party.

European Capital of Culture

Also the extraordinary history of this city is being constantly enriched by prestigious scientic, cultural and athletic events – the examples are becoming the 2016 European Capital of Culture, hosting the World Games 2017 or being a partial host of the EURO 2012.

About BEST Course in Summer 2024

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I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met.

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